Pie Crust

pumpkin pie

A good pie crust recipe is a “must have” for all kitchens!

When we were first married, I tried to make pie crust. Wanting to be the good wife and impress my husband with my culinary skills, I wanted the perfect pie crust! But, it was not to be. Not then anyway. In fact, the whole pie crust shrunk down to the center of the pie pan and looked like a pitiful little disc of crust. It was so humiliating! Then what was not funny then but has given us so many laughs now, year later ….

I turned to toss the pie pan with the disc of would-be pie crust into the trash can.

He said, “WAIT!”

Startling me and interrupting the toss, the disc of pie crust ended its short life by breaking on the side of the trash can crumbling all over the floor.

I cried.

He laughed.

I cried more…He cleaned up!

I’ve come a long way baby! Now I can make a pie crust that melts in your mouth and stays up against the sides of the pie pan holding whatever filling you desire!

Thanks to a German friend who shared her pie crust recipe with me! This recipe is so easy and works every time!

Good luck!

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Pie Crust

Makes 3 pie crusts rolled thin

Mix all dry ingredient in a bowl and blend to a course meal:

dry ingredients for pie crust

Mix in measuring cup and quickly beat with a fork:

  • 1 egg
  • 4Tbsp cold water
  • 1 Tbsp white vinegar

wet ingredients for pie crust

Combine the wet ingredients with the flour mixture and mix until a ball is formed.

ball of pie crust dough


This will be wet so, use a lot of extra flour when rolling out the dough. Divide the dough into thirds and roll it out to the desired size. I roll the dough out on either parchment paper or wax paper – depending on what I have on hand.

rolling out pie crust

To transfer the pie crust, I hold my pie plate (upside down) centered over the pie crust in my left hand, while sliding  my right hand under the parchment paper and attempt to pick up the pie crust as I flip it over onto the pie plate.

transfer pie crust to pie pan

Once the pie crust is flipped and situated in the pie pan, peel off the parchment or wax paper. Handling the pie crust as little as possible makes a lighter crust.

peeling off parchment paper from pie crust

Now for the edges! Leaving about 1/2 inch of pie crust hanging over the top edge of the pie pan, tear off any excess crust. Here is what I do next – Using the index finger of my right hand, I push the edge of the crust against the thumb and index finger of my left hand. Continue around the edge of the pie crust until you have shaped the entire edge.

shaping edges of pie crust

The last step before filling is to prick the pie crust in the bottom of the pie pan with a fork – I prick it all over. This is called docking the pie crust and does the same thing as using pie weights.

pricking pie crust

Now your pie crust is ready to be baked or filled!

pie crust ready to fill

If rolled thin, this recipe makes 3 crusts.

Fill as desired and bake according to recipe.


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