GAPS Diet Supplements – Then and Now

Herbal medicine and herbs

I have recently had several readers emailing and asking what supplementation of vitamins I used while on the GAPS diet. I thought others might have the same question. So, today I want to share the supplements I took while on the GAPS diet and the supplements I take now. If you are not sure what the GAPS diet is, take a minute and read the GAPS Review.

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Where Do I Buy…?

How many of you are like me and have asked the following questions of a trusted friend?

Where do I buy…?

What do you use?

Which one do you recommend?

Not only have I asked these same questions but I receive frequent emails containing these very questions.

For me, it helps knowing that someone I trust uses a particular product or brand and recommends it. So, I have added to the menu bar across the top of Cultured Palate a new tab – Shopping Guide.

This Shopping Guide is a list of items I use in my own kitchen and recommend from companies I trust. Everything from kombucha scobys, herbs and spices, starters to olive oil.

I hope the shopping guide will help provide you with quality products for your healthy, traditional/real food lifestyle.

Healthy Homemade Snacks

healthy homemade snacks

I have found that healthy homemade snacks are a must have!

Having children at home, it seems as if someone is always wanting something to eat!

Oh, they eat very well at meals but, I think because we work outside so much in the hot weather, they are always hungry! I just can not seem to keep them full. Or, maybe it is because there are several teenage boys. But, then again, we have 2 girls still at home – one a teenager and one not.

Anyway, I guess the reason really doesn’t matter. The fact is, I am always in need of healthy snacks! In fact, we will often have a light supper since we have our main meal at midday and I will even use some of the following suggestions as a suppertime meal.

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Frugality Through Cultured Foods

Frugality Through Cultured Foods

How many time have you heard the saying, “waste not, want not”?

Our family saying is, “use it up, wear it out, make do or do without”.

Actually, it is my husband’s saying!

I am the one who loves to shop – for bargains of course!

But, I do hold to the basic idea of being good stewards and not wasting.

Some people are frugal because they have to be. Some are frugal because it is their nature. Others don’t like to waste but want to make the most of what they have.

Whatever your motivation, culturing foods can help you in a frugal simple lifestyle in several ways:

  • Most cultured foods are actually higher in nutrients than the original food.
  • Culturing  prevent food waste by extending the shelf life
  • Culturing your own yogurt and cheese can save you lots of money
  • Culturing garden produce is a great way to put up your harvest without the effort of canning and/or freezing.

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Getting Organized


Do you ever feel that if you could just get organized, you might get something accomplished?

That has been me these past couple of months.

You might wonder what has happened to the recipes here at Cultured Palate.

There have not been any new ones posted in several weeks!

Well, I have one word for you …..


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How to Get Started With REAL Food

turkish market

Last week, after posting Getting Started with REAL Foods, I received several emails with questions about particular steps to take. I also received an encouraging email from a longtime reader, Sara, detailing the steps she took to get started with REAL food after being introduced to Nourishing Traditions. I thought everyone would enjoy hearing her story. Sara now lives in Turkey and the picture above is of the market where she buys her produce – isn’t it beautiful?

Different Countries – Different Foods

… So, there I was, standing in my tiny, cold, corner and crevice-stained kitchen, cooking the only thing I knew how to cook, yet again. It had been a month in our new home and all I knew how to cook was a stir fry recipe I’d gotten from the back of a box of rice. Everything I knew about cooking from growing up in Texas was no help to me in China. I had to learn all over again how to cook everything. Even the rice was different! I was depressed. I just kept cooking the same thing over and over again because the available ingredients were so different! I had no access to butter, no access to cheese… How in the world is a southern girl from Texas supposed to cook anything without butter and cheese??? I was lost. I was seriously depressed for a month!

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How to Get Your Family Interested in Cultured Foods

how to get your family interested in cultured foods

The following article contains links to products from my affiliate partners that I personally use and recommend.

You know you should eat cultured foods.

You know your family should eat cultured foods.

A couple of weeks ago I posted Getting Started with Cultured Foods, but, how do you get your family interested in eating them?

Isn’t it funny how many of us eat fermented foods but don’t even recognize them as cultured or fermented?

D o you know the reason?

It is because many of the foods that we eat today were, years ago, truly cultured. For example, pickles, soda, cheese, sour cream and even bread! But, thanks to industrialization, the healthy, lacto-fermented foods of yester years have been replaced with a more consistent end-product. The lacto-fermentation method of fermenting has been replaced with processing that is cheaper, has a longer shelf life, it is easier to produce and basically results in an unhealthy final product!

Now, unless you are already make cultured foods at home with true starter cultures (or buy brands with the probiotics intact), you are ingesting fake, processed substitutions. That is what makes it so difficult to convince your family that real cultured foods are to be coveted. Making minor taste changes to their beloved staples is a serious matter!

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Getting Started with Real Foods

REAL food Collage

I have linked to products from my affiliate partners that I personally use and recommend in the following article.

Within the past few weeks, I have received emails from several different readers, all having with the same question – “How do I get started with real foods for my family? It is so overwhelming!”

I thought many of you might be asking the same question, so, let’s look at 4 steps to get you started.

REAL Food Defined

First, for those of you who are new, let’s define REAL food. I am sure there are many definitions for REAL food but here is mine: Real food is food as close as possible to its natural state, locally produced when possible, without chemical preservatives and artificial ingredients. REAL food contains ingredients that you can pronounce and understand – foods that your grandmother would have eaten! REAL food is nutrient dense to nourish the body with nutrients it needs, not just fill it with calories.[Continue Reading]

Bosch and Nutrimill Authorized Dealer

Bosch Nutrimill

You may have noticed a new tab in the menu bar today, “Shop” with a page for the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer and the Nutrimill Grain Mill underneath. I have become an authorized dealer for both the Bosch and the Nutrimill!

Now, you can shop through Cultured Palate and make your life easier as you provide traditional, nutrient dense food for your family!

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

I have been using a Bosch mixer for the last 28 years! You may have noticed them in the pictures of several of my recipes. Not only is the Bosch mixer my favorite kitchen appliance, it is indispensable when it comes to preparing your family REAL food!

I am excited to be an authorized dealer of this all-in-one kitchen work center and bring the quality to you! Not only is the Bosch capable of kneading up to 15 lbs of bread dough without a blink, it is also capable of mixing cake mixes and even turning a single egg white into 1 1/2 cups of meringue! Powered by an 800 watt motor, there are 4 speeds and a pulse to get the job done efficiently and quickly.

With the various attachments available for the Bosch Universal mixer, it becomes a blender, meat and food grinder, slicer/shredder, food processor, juicer, fruit press, pastry press and pasta maker! What more could you ask for? How about a warranty?

The proof is in the warranty as to how good a machine the Bosch Universal is – the transmission is guaranteed for a full 3 years! Parts and attachments are guaranteed for 1 year!

I offer competitive pricing, manufacturer warranty, FREE shipping and when you purchase from me, FREE consultations to answer questions about the Bosch Universal mixer, accessories, baking and cooking.

For all you discerning cooks who want a real workhorse but one with style, CLICK HERE.

Nutrimill Grain Mill

Another kitchen appliance that makes life easier is the Nutrimill Grain Mill.  Made by LÉquip, the Nutrimill is one of the quietest impact grinders on the market! It allows you to grind grains and beans. Whether you want coarse ground or very finely ground flour, you can get it just the way you want with the turn of a dial!

I love the large capacity, 20 cup flour bin – I can grind enough flour at one time to make 4 large loaves of bread at a time! No more stopping between grindings to empty the bin because it is full. If you do not need that much flour ground at once, don’t worry, it does smaller amounts without a problem too!

The Nutrimill comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. As an authorized dealer of the Nutrimill Grain Mill, I offer competitive pricing, limited lifetime warranty and when you purchase from me, FREE consultations to answer your questions regarding the Nutrimill, grinding and baking.

For those of you wanting to provide your family with the nourishing health benefits of fresh ground flour, CLICK HERE.




Vincent Van Gogh’s Birthday – Bacon Starry Night


Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. But, today, March 30th is Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. In honor of  his birthday, I am excited to have Kaayla Daniel from the Naughty Nutritionist to share with you, her take on why Van Gogh should have eaten more bacon.

It’s Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday today, and I wish he’d eaten more bacon,
the ultimate “feel good” food. Van Gogh spent most of his short life lonely,
impoverished and certifiably mad, with self-mutilating behaviors that included
burning his fingers, cutting off part of his ear, killing his brain cells with absinthe,
and ending it all at age 37 with a gun.

Would bacon have made everything better? Hard to say, but it’s certainly
possible. Bacon could have increased his Vitamin D levels, improved his fatty
acid profile, helped his body detoxify turpentine, aided his attempts to quit
absinthe, stabilized his blood sugar, stopped the mood swings, reduced anxiety,
enhanced his coping skills and even helped him sleep. What’s more, bacon’s
salt and savory sweetness could have reduced any feelings of deprivation and

Van Gogh though preferred not to eat meat. In W. H. Auden’s 1961 book Van
Gogh: A Self-Portrait; Letters Revealing His Life as a Painter, we learn he would
eat only a “little morsel on Sundays, and then only after being urged by our
landlady for a long time. Four potatoes with a suspicion of gravy and a mouthful
of vegetable constituted his whole dinner.” No wonder he was mentally and
physically malnourished. Vegans, I suppose, will claim the fault lay in that “little
morsel” of meat and the “suspicion of gravy.”

Would Van Gogh have been pleased to see “Starry Night,” his most famous work,
swirling about the internet in a version done with strips of bacon? Probably not,
but the good news is if he’s rolling in his grave, he might get up and start painting

again. As for the rest of us, laughter is good medicine, an invitation not to take
ourselves too seriously, and a much needed reminder that bacon the “feel good”
food might be just the thing to support our inner pig.

For more from Dr. Kaayla Daniel, The Naughty Nutritionist™, visit her website Kaayla is Vice President of the Weston A. Price
Foundation, author of The Whole Soy Story, and a Bacon Babe who rarely starts her day
without at least two strips of the original “feel good” food.