Eggplant Lasagna

Easy Eggplant Lasagna

I love lasagna!

And, do you what is better than plain lasagna?

Eggplant Lasagna.

I am confidant that  the following Easy Eggplant Lasagna Recipe is sure to become your new family favorite – it is ours!

Why? Well, number one – it tastes great! And, number two, like the name says, it is easy!

Really, who doesn’t like lasagna?

Think Garfield and his great admiration for Lasagna. Plus, Easy Eggplant Lasagna is gluten free!

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Chocolate Zucchini Bread

chocolate zucchini bread recipe

Knowing that our second oldest son and daughter-in-law (who is gluten-free) would be home for the holidays, I needed a gluten-free snack. After looking at various recipes, a reader came to my rescue with the Gluten-Free Chocolate Zucchini Bread. Making it well in advance to tweak as necessary, the family members at home enjoyed eating and taste testing!

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Zucchini Bread

gluten free chocolate zucchini bread

Do you like Zucchini Bread? I know there are plenty of good recipes out there but…

This is not just a plain old zucchini bread recipe, it is a Gluten-Free Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe!

Having a gluten-free family member, I was searching for something to bake special for her when a reader came to my rescue. She introduced me to a product which is available from my affiliate partner, Gluten Free Pantry All Purpose Flour – thanks Liz!

I know there are many recipes online to make your own gluten-free flour but, since I do not normally cook gluten-free, the store-bought option was the easiest. And, by the way, the Gluten Free Pantry all Purpose Flour is available with a Subscribe and Save option which makes it even more economical. If you are not familiar with Subscribe and Save, it allows you to sign up for scheduled deliveries at intervals you select at a reduced price. You may change, delay or even cancel subsequent shipments at any time (even after the first delivery).

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Salmon Mousse

salmon mousse with crackers and bread

Do you ever reach the point of needing some inspiration  in the kitchen? I do. Usually it is after a busy time of vineyard work but, not always. This is where I found myself just a few day ago – needing inspiration! This is when I begin looking through older cookbooks that I have in a closet. They are in a closet because I do not use them often but they are good and I do not want to get rid of them. While they are not necessarily REAL food cookbooks, most of the recipes can be easily adapted to a traditional diet by changing ingredients for healthier options.

One of those cookbooks is still available from my affiliate partner and is even available now in a kindle version – the Silver Palate Cookbook. I like cookbooks that do not use exotic ingredients. After all, I have a budget to consider. And, in this day and age, whether you have a large family or a small one, that is definitely something to consider!

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Cream Cheese

homemade cream cheese titiled When we got our first family milk cow, Buttercup, I tried making many different types of cheese, after all, we were suddenly getting about 6 gallons of milk a day! Yes, we have a large family but even the 7 children still at home could not drink that much milk!

Thankfully, I knew before we brought Buttercup home the quantity of milk she was producing. But, “knowing” and “seeing” are two different things! Seeing 6 gallons of milk put into the refrigerator each day was exciting but also anxiety producing! We had purchased Buttercup to save money – even buying her feed and hay, I saved money with the dairy products I made, not to mention we were getting much better quality! If milk went bad and had to be thrown out, there went my savings!

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Sourdough Bread

sourdough loaf cut titled

I hope you are not tired of sourdough because today, I have a sourdough bread recipe for you! Yes, as you might guess, our family is really enjoying sourdough baked goods! After being on the GAPS diet for almost 2 years without any grains, I think breads are pretty awesome.

Sourdough bread is not just any bread either. The beauty of the sourdough process is that it neutralizes the phytic acid, an anti-nutrient that binds with minerals making them unavailable for the body to use. Phytic acid can also be neutralized through proper grain preparation or by using sprouted flour but the slightly sour taste of sourdough breads is just so good!

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Cottage Cheese

Homemade cottage cheese with strawberries

Like mozzarella and ricotta, cottage cheese is another soft cheese – and it is just as easy to make!

Cottage cheese originated in eastern and central Europe. Cottage Cheese, Pot Cheese, Dutch cheese, and Schmierkase are all the same cheese by different names. Cottage cheese like many of the other soft cheeses are normally eaten fresh and often with the addition of herbs or fruit.

Cottage cheese has the reputation of being a diet food. This may be due to the fact that cottage cheese is traditionally made with skim milk. In colonial America raw milk was used and the pot of milk was set by the wood burning stove. In a few days, thanks to the bacteria present in raw milk, the lactic acid level would cause the milk protein to precipitate out into a soft curd. These curds were then used to make a variety of cheeses including cottage cheese.

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Sourdough English Muffins

sourdough English muffins on platter titled

I am definitely on a sourdough kick!

Not only is it fun to experiment but the sourdough breads just taste so good! I am sure it has nothing to do with being off grains for almost 2 years! I have experienced such life changing health benefits from the GAPS diet but it is time to begin adding foods back into my diet. And, I am really enjoying sourdough!

My first addition was non-gluten grains and now sourdough breads.  After the Sourdough Bread Bowls and Sourdough Pancakes came Sourdough English Muffins and, they were met by just as much approval. With 7 children still at home, I am very blessed  that I don’t have picky eaters. Can you imagine if I had to fix 7 different plates at each meal? But, even though they will eat most anything, they do have opinions. And, when asked, they will tell me if they think something does not taste good. There were no complaints at all with the Sourdough English Muffins – only compliments!

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Ricotta Cheese

ricotta cheese on a cracker with ingredients

Ricotta Cheese is another soft cheese, like feta that can be easily made at home. Being a soft cheese, Ricotta does not require much equipment and does not need to age. It can be eaten fresh, plain, with herbs added or even added to recipes like spaghetti sauce to enhance flavors. As a dessert, ricotta can be found in Lemon Italian Creme which is wonderful!

Ricotta cheese, with its mild flavor, is one of the most versatile cheeses. Ricotta means “recooked” in Italian and while it is traditionally made from fresh whey, it can also be made with whole or skim milk – I will give the recipe for both! But first, some background…

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Sourdough Pancakes

stack of sourdough pancakes with words Pancakes. Sourdough Pancakes. I have come full circle since my journey on the GAPS diet began back in November of 2011 and am eating pancakes again – sourdough pancakes that is! And, they are delicious! If you have been with me since the journey began, you will understand why I am so excited about this sourdough pancake recipe. If not, I will fill you in! [Continue Reading]