He Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy!

Kubota 8540 Narrow Tractor

I got a new toy! It is one you probably would not expect me to buy! But, I did. I even went  and talked with the salesperson by myself. Now, I’m not sure what you have guessed my new toy to be but, if you guessed shoes, purses, clothes or a new kitchen gadget, you would beRead More

Being Prepared After the Cow Calves

Jersey Brown Swiss Cross

I love farm life – the simplicity of it – the self-sufficiency of it – the joys – the satisfaction of it all! But, as much as I enjoy our lifestyle of home education, working together in the vineyard and having a family milk cow and other farm animals, there are times when I get discouraged. Last weekRead More

A Calf is Born!

Jersey, Brown Swiss, Brahman Cross Calf

What you are about to read and see is the actual process of delivering a calf. If you are squemish, you may want to blur your eyes at the photos as you continue reading. Hilde finally calved and has a beautiful, light brown calf! This delivery was the most eventful yet – the calf was breech! A breech calfRead More

Backyard Bees

Backyard Bees

With all the excitement and work surrounding grape harvest, I forgot to tell you about the new additions to our homestead – Honey Bees! We have been wanting to get into beekeeping for quite awhile. Partly for the enjoyment of beekeeping; partly for sustainability and self-sufficiency; and partly for money saving. But assuredly, for really good honey!Read More

How to Tell if Your Cow is About to Calve

Hilde the Family Milk Cow - Jersey Brown Swiss Cross

Remember Hilde? She is our family milk cow that we bought back in March. She was giving about 3 gallons per day and was suppose to calve in July. Hilde is half Jersey and half Brown Swiss – a combination that gives rich creamy milk that is good not only for drinking, but also cheesemaking. In anticipation ofRead More

The Last Harvest of 2014 – Montepulciano

Montepulciano grape harvest

Yesterday was quite a day – 30 tons of Montepulciano grapes later and all the grapes of 2014 are harvested! It took about 7 hours. 7  joy filled hours of watching the fruits of our labor fall off the vine – actually they were shaken off by the Pellenc harvester! But no matter – they areRead More

Aglianico Grapes – Here They Come!

Aglianico Grape Harvest

Wednesday, October 7th, marked the first Aglianico grape harvest of 2014. We finished harvesting the Roussanne grapes about a month ago, before the rain began. Because of the rain, cooler weather and cloudy days, the Aglianico and Montepulciano grapes have been slow to ripen. But, the wait is finally over and harvest time is here!Read More

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Oswald Vineyard Sept. 2014

An anomaly has occurred here in west Texas – we have had rain, cloudy skies and cool temperatures for almost 2 weeks! Most people would find this a relief from the heat, especially farmers. But not grape farmers who are waiting to harvest grapes! When we were contemplating the lifestyle change from corporate America toRead More

Roussanne Harvest Continues

Roussanne grape racus

The decision has been made and is unanimous – we love harvesting in the daylight! Yes, nighttime harvests are beautiful with stars twinkling overhead and the invigorating cool night air. Last year, our first Roussanne harvest of the year was a nighttime harvest and it was beautiful! But, less stress comes with the daytime grapeRead More