How to Protect Yourself Against Ebola

How to Protect Yourself From Ebola

The news is filled with reports of the Ebola virus. Fear is definitely in the air! With its appearance in the US and yet another confirmed case of the Ebola virus here in Texas, the big question on everyone’s mind is “how to protect yourself from Ebola?” The Ebola virus as certainly been the topic of quiteRead More

Foods to Improve Your Memory


Being the home educating mother of 10 children, I can not afford to forget anything! Our children range from 3 – 27 years old. With 3 children married and 4 grandchildren (2 of whom are older than our youngest!), I really must maximize my memory. After all, just remembering all the birthdays can be aRead More

Hoeing = Exercise & Vitamin D!

garden weeds 7-2012

As you may already know, I have always made a place in my schedule for exercise. Exercise releases “happy hormones”, or endorphins, which give an overall sense of well-being – who doesn’t want that! This year more than ever, my exercise has been in the form of walking and working in the vineyard. But, after being off myRead More

Walk, Walk, Walk

running shoes

I got new walking/running shoes for Christmas! I decided years ago that I could not afford “Not” be fit. Back in 2009, I detailed some of the exercise regimens that I have enjoyed through the years. From walking, running, bicycling to exercise videos, I have enjoyed variety. For the time being though, I am really enjoyingRead More


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While our days are mainly filled with vineyard work for now, we do take time to play. The following shows a glimpse of the lightheartedness of our boys. They have a healthy (I hope!) competitive spirit amongst them. I must admit though, sometimes they are a bit too daring for my mother’s heart. FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestPrintE-mailReddit

What About Your Resolutions?

Resolutions – have you forgotten? Here we are in 2010, January is gone and February is here! How are you doing with your new year’s Resolutions or re-commitments?  As you may remember, I shared my resolutions in Looking Forward. To be quite honest, I am having varying degrees of success with these. Things I haveRead More

Staying Fit – The Never Ending Battle!

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Staying fit is definitely a never ending battle, a lifelong challenge. Several people have asked me recently, what I do to stay fit.  As you can read here, I have and still do enjoy several different forms of exercise. I still love bicycling on my trainer and do it frequently. The  primary program I useRead More

Fit …”To Be or Not To Be”


Fit: It is definitely easier NOT to Be! But, the rewards of Being, are worth it. I have been an avid fitness enthusiast for years – since before I began high school. Why? Well, I became tired of being one of the “heavy” ones. I looked in the mirror one day and decided only IRead More