Move That Dirt, Baby!

backfilling ICF basement walls

For a chronological listing of our ICF (insulated concrete forms) building, please see the ICF Building Index found in the menu bar. Our ICF (insulated concrete form) basement is finally beginning to look like a basement! There is now dirt against two sides rather than just dirt mounds. It looks amazingly better! After finishing theRead More

3 Steps to Beautiful Stucco – DIY!

3 steps to stucco collage

I love the look of stucco! Especially since we are going for the “Tuscan” look in our vineyard home, stucco is what I want! Real stucco is applied in multiple layers and is very labor intensive. But, we have found something that gives the same look as stucco but is more durable and easy toRead More

ICF Basement Expansion

icf building blocks - great for diy'ers

For a chronological listing of our building projects with ICF (or insulated concrete forms), be sure to look through the new ICF Building Index tab in the menu bar. In January 2012, we finished phase 1 of what will eventually be our basement built out of ICF (insultated concrete forms). We have been enjoying being in ourRead More

Building with ICF – Phase 2

digging with the backhoe

Finally! I really can’t believe we have started! Yes, this week John began digging out the dirt to expand the basement walls of our home which overlooks the vineyard! If you have been following our adventure of starting the vineyard and building our own home, you know that we are now living in what willRead More

The Barn Completed – EIFS and All!

ICF barn with EIFS completed

Yippee! The EIFS on our ICF barn is now compete! It looks as though I am speaking in code doesn’t it with all the acronyms! Here is the code: EIFS = exterior insulation finishing system – It is like a synthetic stucco only more durable. ICF = insulated concrete forms – They snap together like bigRead More

ICF Filter House – EIFS Completed

eifs and door complete

I have posted over the past several months about the progress on our filter house. You have shared the start of the project – taking down of the old metal building, putting up the ICF (insulated concrete forms) walls, pouring of the ICF walls and the first coat of the EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system) exterior.Read More

ICF Barn Roof Finished!

roof - side view

  We are still in the process of finishing the ICF (insulated concrete forms) barn. If you remember, we contracted the concrete floor and put up the ICF walls ourselves. This was no small feat as they are 16 ft high! With everyone working, the walls were up in 2 days and we filled themRead More

ICF Barn Raising – Roof

icf barn witth roof beams

Progress continues this week on our new ICF (insulated concrete forms) barn! Last week in ICF Barn Raising, I detailed how we contracted the foundation preparation and the concrete floor being poured and finished. Then, we erected the 16 ft tall ICF walls and poured concrete into them ourselves! This is how it looks now from the vineyard.Read More

ICF Barn Raising

ICF barn

As you may already know, we are sold on ICF (insulated concreteforms) building. For the do-it-your-selfer they are easy to use – they literally snap together like big legos and the insulation value is amazing! We have used them for the first phase of our house here at the vineyard which will eventually be ourRead More