Keeping Love Fresh

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In our society, it is all too easy to neglect and take for granted those who should be the most important to us. Whether because of busyness or inattentiveness, it is easy to forget that our husband needs to know how important he is to us. Keeping love fresh does not happen by accident!

I would like to encourage each of you not to let life get in the way. Use your imagination, surprise your husband, take the time now and invest in one of the most important relationships you have!

It is hard to believe that this year, I will have been married to the same man for 28 years! After being married for so long and having 10 children together, I can honestly say that I love him more now than I did when we married. I would never have thought it possible, but I do. Life’s experiences have strengthened our relationship. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to each other and to our family.

While I could, and will, give you a “to-do” list, I think the most important point to be made is to spend time with each other – quality time. It could be as simple as a cup of coffee together sharing the day’s events, or, as elaborate as restaurant reservations for dinner complete with baby sitter.

My “to-do” list also includes:

1. Get up with your husband – even if you go back to bed once he leaves.

2. Tend to your health – Proper eating and exercise not only make you healthier but also give you more energy, increase muscle tone and help with future health. Exercise releases endorphins which give you a greater sense of well being – I like to call them “happy hormones”. We can all use them! Eating properly will also help you achieve a healthy weight which gives more energy and an overall better outlook on life.

3. Romance – Create a romantic atmosphere. For example: Light candles when alone, after the children are in bed and talk or watch a movie together.

Now that John no longer goes to a regular, 6:30am – 4:00 pm job, but is home working in the vineyard, it would be easy to forget that “we” still need time together. Time, just the two of us, to share our thoughts, feelings and dreams with each other. Even after 28 years, I need to remind myself of the importance of making special time with him.

And, I want to encourage you also, to make time for your spouse and keep the love fresh.

It does not just happen by accident!


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Dating Ideas

In the movies which follow, I have linked to my affiliate partner that I personally use and recommend.

Dating ideas – do you have any?

Earlier in Date your Man 2, I mentioned that my husband and I watch movies together. This is after the children are in bed and often by candlelight. This is special time for us to be together. Whether we just “veg” in front of a fun and frivolous movie or watch a more thought provoking movie, we enjoy this time together.

I have compiled a list of five movies that are especially meaningful. I have each linked to of which I am an affiliate. While I will make a small amount of each sale when you purchase anything from amazon through my site, you may be able to find these less expensive at other stores.

**Please note: These movies are “mommy/daddy” movies and have adult content which our children are not allowed to view.**

Story of Us

“The Story of Us” With Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer, this is probably our favorite. It is extremely realistic in showing the consequences of holding grudges, not forgiving and taking relationships for granted. It also show that reconciliation even in extreme circumstances is possible. This movie does contain profanity and crude language.

Late for Dinner

“Late for Dinner” With Brian Wimmer and Peter Berg, this is a light-hearted movie and very enjoyable. While the plot is unrealistic, it shows that extenuating circumstances are possible. Another lesson is that there are always two sides to every story.

“Return to Me” With David Duchovney and Minnie Driver this is a very emotive movie! It shows how fragile life, as well as, our relationships are. It has encouraged us to plan for tomorrow while living for today.

family man

“The Family Man” With Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni this movie shows choices completely opposite to the ones we have chosen. It made us sympathetic to people like the main character who made choices out of ignorance or misinformation. People who, when shown differently, desired to change.

For Richer For poorer

“For Richer For Poorer” With Tim Allen and Kirstey Alley this movie provides another example of people who have made wrong choices. When confronted with a different way of life, they see the shallowness of their own life and values.

Another Oswald!!!

This morning at 3:30am I became a grandmother for the third time! Weighing in at 7lbs 15.4 oz another precious Oswald baby girl was born. Mother and baby are doing fine and we will be taking her siblings (as well as aunts and uncles) to see her later this morning. Our youngest daughter finally has a niece younger than she is!

Funny, I do not feel old enough to be a grandmother! I prefer to think of myself as a fine wine – just getting better!

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord: The fruit of the womb is a reward.”  Psalm 127:3

Date Your Man: Part 2

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Husband? Date? Why?

I received some very good feedback on my previous post, “Date Your Man”. Several readers desired to know what I have done to keep things fresh with my husband after 10 children and 25 years.  As I thought about the comments, I put together a list of things I have done to date my husband – ideas I have implemented to show him he is my #1, make him feel and show him he is important even after 25 years. As I begin, I assure you this will be G-rated!

1. Get up with him cheerfully in the morning.

2. In the morning, fix your hair and put on your make-up. My husband has worked in the corporate world with career women most of our married life. I did not want him to leave a “dumpy” wife only to be face with “put together” women the rest of the day.

3. Maintain a proper weight.

4. Exercise regularly for muscle tone, weight control,  increased sense of well being (“happy hormones” – endorphins are released with exercise)  and energy. My husband appreciates the fact that I take care of myself not only for better health now, but also, for future health. It is like our salvation, many people put off making the decision about where they will spend eternity until it is too late and time has run out. So with our health. What we are now, is a result of decisions we made years ago. Whether it is salvation, relationships, or your health, choose wisely. Make necessary changes now.

5. Have the house in order before he comes home. I have the children help do a quick pick-up of any toys or clutter.

6. Encourage the children’s excitement of his return home. This reinforces that he is not only important to me as my husband but also to them.

7. Stop and greet your husband. I always stop what I am doing and kiss him when he returns home.

8. Make “date” time with him. This can be as simple as a movie together after the children are put to bed. It can be as ellaborate as planning a night out, complete with babysitter, restaurant plans, movie tickets – use your imagination. I once planned a weekend away and all he knew was that we were going away together. I even packed for him!
The key: You do the planning and surprise him!

9. Create a romantic atmosphere. For example, Light candles when alone , after the children are in bed or while watching a movie together.

10. Have coffee together. As we call it, “Mommy, Daddy time”. Our children are old enough to clean up after meals, so, we take advantage of this opportunity to have “Mommy, Daddy time” with a cup of coffee.

11. Take a walk or bike ride together. We enjoy early morning walks/bike rides together.

Use your imagination. Surprise your husband. Don’t let life get in the way. Take the time now and invest in one of the most important relationships you have!


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Date Your Man!

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Date? Husband? Why?

Occasionally, I will plan a date, whether it be an evening or afternoon out or just a movie night for the two of us, without my husband knowing about it. He loves it! I love it! After 25 years of marriage and 10 children, I still love being with my husband. A date is special time for us to be together. It is easier now with older children to watch the little ones and they get to do fun things if we are gone during the daytime (as opposed to a movie night that we have after they are in bed). I planned a date yesterday to go out for a few hours to finish some Christmas shopping. I would love to tell you what I bought but the older children read my blog – it would spoil their surprises! I have so much fun buying for them, even on such a tight budget. Most of my shopping has been finished for a couple of months. I guess I am a bit obsessive about it, but if I am not well underway by June, I feel like I am soooo behind! I shop clearances and sales, using coupons when possible, throughout the year to purchase gifts which (especially now) would be prohibitive with so many to buy for. Anyway, we picked up the last gifts yesterday and I am DONE! Now, for the wrapping.

Sometimes times wrapping presents becomes a date for us. My tradition for wrapping all my gifts is to pop in the “Runaway Bride” video and wrap. I know the movie so well, I do not have to look at the screen but just listen and enjoy. We can be together, husband and wife,  have a date and wrap presents.

Back to yesterday’s date…
We did a bit of shopping and then went out to lunch.

Towards the end of our date, we hit a couple of more stores, one I never seem to have time to visit, and then we returned home. Upon our return, we found the children watching a movie after baking sugar cookies much of the day. I can not say it was silent, but, All was calm!

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