Fit …”To Be or Not To Be”

Fit: It is definitely easier NOT to Be! But, the rewards of Being, are worth it.

I have been an avid fitness enthusiast for years – since before I began high school. Why? Well, I became tired of being one of the “heavy” ones. I looked in the mirror one day and decided only I could make the needed changes. And, so I began.

First of all, I cut down on the amount of food I was consuming. Secondly, I began exercising – I was introduced to being fit!

The rebounder was the equipment at hand, so, that is where I started. In the beginning, I “ran” on the rebounder 30-45 minutes daily after school. I also experimented with a TV exercise show in the morning before school. It was just aired too early! Needless to say, I did not stick with the TV show very long.

Throughout high school and nursing school, the rebounder was my faithful companion. It lived in my dorm room and heard about all my woes. After a half-hour, or more, in the afternoon on it, my ability to cope with the stress of school was greatly increased. It was even around after the birth of several children. Ready as ever, to help with the needed weightloss. Then, one day, a spring sprung…it was time to venture out and move on.

Once we moved to Switzerland, walking, surrounded by  the beautiful mountains became my primary form of exercise. The fresh air, the sound of the cow bells, the quaintness of the villages – Oh, how invigorating! Being “Fit” took a new turn. It was there that I first began biking. This quickly became my favored past-time. The freedom felt on a bicycle with the wind passing through your hair – almost nothing compares!

After we returned to Alabama, I was fearful of the carelessness of the drivers and stopped biking. A friend introduced me to exercise videos (yes, this was before DVD’s). Another turn in my quest to be “Fit”. These became my daily workouts. In one hour, I did stretching, aerobics, weight training, and a cool down. Even my girls loved doing it with me.

Also, we ventured into running. Yet another turn in my quest to be “Fit”. I was able to work up to running 5K and even 10K races. My family encouraged me and trained with me. The glorious peak of my running career came when I took First Place in my age category! Nevermind, I was the only one in my age group – I was first! I have the trophy to prove it!

I finally dealt with my fear of being a hit-and-run victim and began bicycling again. I was able to routinely bike 12 miles several times a week. Again, training as a family, we rode twice over 100 miles in a day while on vacation.

You might wonder why I place such a priority on exercise. It is simple: exercise releases “happy” hormones (also know as endorphins). They give a sense of well being. Regular exercise helps reduce stress, relieve anxiety, helps you control and maintain an appropriate weight and produces more satisfying sleep patterns.

The bottom line: Exercise makes me feel better and gives me more energy.

Try it NOW! Start TODAY! Find some form of exercise that you enjoy. Get Moving! Get “Fit”!

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