Change is Good

Some of you may remember a saying about how God works with doors, windows and such. Well, I have a variation for you: When God closes a door, sometimes there isn’t a window to open.

That’s where I found myself over Christmas. I had gotten it into my head to move my blog to a bigger, better, faster server so as to accommodate the growing traffic I was experiencing. Well, the supposedly seamless transfer hit a glitch and my blog disappeared from the internet for about a week. As it started coming back, the pictures wouldn’t load right, the layout was squirreled up and some past posts were lost.

During this period in which I had absolutely no control over the circumstances, three proverbial light bulbs came on in my head. 1. To my humbling surprise, no one wrote or called saying their lives also went on the blink while my blog was down! ( a few people did subsequently write and I appreciate the encouragement – thank you!). 2. Many members of my family expressed their appreciation to have their wife and mother back full time. 3. My unrecognized elevated stress level dramatically dropped and I began sleeping soundly once again.

So…. It is not that I don’t care about positively impacting your lives – I do. But right now I see a tremendous value in re-simplifying my life and focusing more intently on my family. I plan to leave the blog up for a year (it’s already paid for) and for those who want to follow our family’s vineyard adventure, my husband started a facebook page, Oswald Vineyard.

A New Beginning!

happy new year 2014


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From Our Home to Yours

Merry Christmas

Pardon the Dust

Welcome to all you new readers! In an effort to accommodate the growth experienced here at Cultured Palate, I have migrated to a new and larger server. Unfortunately, during the process, problems occurred and information was lost. The result so far has been loss of photos and several weeks of posts. Thankfully, the photos have been recovered and now we are working on the other data. I appreciate your patience with all the dust and look forward to having this resolved shortly.

Maximize Your Family’s Potential

In the following review, I have linked to products from my affiliate partners that I personally use and recommend.

Did you know that it is possible to feed your children so as to prevent the need for braces?

How about to heal cavities?

Increase intellectual abilities?

Improve your child’s mood?

The healing possibility of food is just that powerful!

Yes, you can learn how to feed your children so as to maximize their potential in life!

I am so excited to announce that the 2nd edition of the Nourished Baby ebook by Heather at Mommypotamus is now ready!

This book is just plain amazing!

You will learn:

  • How the ACTUAL BIRTH EXPERIENCE can affect a child’s cravings for life
  • Why a 2001 study of North American women found that their breast milk did not meet the minimum requirements for many essential nutrients – and how to make sure your baby gets the absolute best at your breast
  • How to decode your cravings while nursing
  • Why you should skip rice cereal and go for digestion enhancing stews
  • What the latest research says on introducing peanuts, eggs and other “allergenic” foods
  • Why experts believe purees can lead to overeating
  • When children’s “picky” eating habits can actually indicate a serious problem – and how to correct it
  • Tips for raising an adventurous eatere

Plus, not only are there mouthwatering recipes for little ones, but the recipes will be enjoyed by the whole family. There are 20 new recipes in Nourished Baby ebook from bloggers you probably already know including  Food RenegadeCheeseslaveHolistic SquidKelly the Kitchen KopUrban PoserThe Coconut Mama20 Something AllergiesHomemade MommyGutsyUnmistakably Food, and Nourishing Joy. These are all creative and wonderfully talented bloggers!

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Heather is the mother of 2 children and a researcher. Her love of researching things for herself shows in the details given in Nourished Baby as well as the references to back up her statements. No mother should be without this manual to maximize her family’s potential through the food she prepares and serves!

Order your copy of the Nourished Baby ebook today!  Click here to view more details.

Hello 2013 and New Goals!


I love the anticipation of a new year and what exciting things it holds.

Quite a while ago I realized that I am not very good at keeping New Year’s Resolutions! So, rather than make a complicated list of resolutions, I reflect on the previous year and set goals for myself. I tend to be an all or nothing sorta person so my goals must be simple. They must also be do-able for a busy mom with a large family! After all, too much of a good thing tends to be, well, just too much!

So, besides keepin’ on keepin’ on with everyday life, I have set the following goals:

1. Read through the Bible in a year. I really enjoy the FREE monthly In Touch Magazine from Dr. Charles Stanley. Not only does it have encouraging articles but in the back, there is a daily devotion with Bible reading to take you through the Bible in a year. I have also used which is also free. I did the 90 day read through the Bible plan and though intense, it was extremely good. I took a bit longer than 90 days to complete it but appreciated the cohesiveness that I gained from reading the whole Bible in such a short time. I finished it in the fall and have been hit or miss with daily devotions since.

2. Be  strict with the GAPS diet for myself and a traditional real food diet for the rest of the family. I confess that with the holidays, I indulged in a few cookies and treats that were not GAPS legal! On the bright side, however, I did not have severe symptoms of my rheumatoid arthritis so I know the diet is working and healing is occurring.

2. Exercise 5 out of 7 days. Walk 3 – 4 miles per day, begin jogging and include biking. Exercise has always been an important part of my daily routine but, life happens and exercise doesn’t! My parents gave me a treadmill which is perfect with all our windy days here in west Texas- I do not like being out in 25 – 35 mile per hour wind!

3. Study German with Rosetta Stone. Since we already have the curriculum, it is just a matter of doing it! I have lost a lot of my German since returning from Switzerland in 2000. We lived there for 4 years and spent so much time learning the language that it is a shame to lose it  – it is time to reclaim some of the lost knowledge!

4. Begin playing the banjo again. Our children all play musical instruments which I enjoy listening to but I would also like to play with them. I started playing several years ago but let it fall by the wayside. I have to admit that playing banjo is lower on the priority list since there are only so many hours in the day!

I guess that about sums up my goals for the new year! How about you – what are your goals for 2013? Leave a comment and hopefully we can encourage each other in reaching our goals!


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Tasty Traditions

Welcome to another edition of Tasty Traditions, a real food blog carnival.

What is a real food blog carnival? It is the time for Real Foodies to share their wisdom and creativity. For those of you not familiar with a carnival, it is a place for bloggers to link their posts on a particular subject – in this case, real food.  These posts can be Real Food Recipes, Book Reviews, Tips for Healthy Living, Giveaways (involving Real Food or neat kitchen gadgets), Video Tutorials or Green Living Solutions. Just about anything that would help in the quest to return to traditional healthy living.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a blog, you can still join the fun! Simply post your recipe or tip in the comment section.

Rules to Participate:

1. If you are posting a recipe – Please only post REAL food recipes. That means no processed, fake ingredients like margarine, white flour or white sugar.

2. Please link the URL of your blog post NOT your homepage.

3. Show you are cultured by using your best blog carnival manners - Update your post with a link back to Tasty Traditions so others can enjoy the fun! For example – ‘This post is part of: Tasty Traditions’

4. Speaking of sharing the fun – It would help me and others if you would share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media sites you participate in – you will help increase exposure to traditional real food.

5. Leave a comment with a description of your link.


I am so excited that you have joined me here at Cultured Palate!

It has taken some doing, but we have finally been able to import the pertinent content from Dimes2Vines. If you are new, feel free to look through the archives and get to know me and my family.

I have some great new content for you including “how-to” video tutorials which will hopefully encourage you to try some new things, a weekly real food carnival (Tasty Traditions on Thursdays), weekly giveaways, “Family Friday” which will keep you updated on our life – family, vineyard, animals …. and of course, real food recipes and info!

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