How to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

How to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

Have you ever had a gallbladder attack?

Talk about painful!

Thankfully, I have found something that works like a charm, is not invasive and lets me keep my gallbladder!

My Experience

I had my first when pregnant with our 8th child and after an all-you-can eat pizza buffet – a high fat meat! It was no fun, in fact, it was quite painful! As a nurse, I knew that I was a prime candidate for gallbladder surgery. Having cared for gallbladder patients, I knew that it was a difficult surgery and I did not want it! In seeking an alternative to gallbladder surgery, my father introduced me to a gallbladder cleanse, also called a gallbladder flush.

I have continued to use the recipe that I will give below, as needed with success. Until I started the GAPS diet, I would use the flush once a year or so. Since I have been on the GAPS diet, interestingly, my gallbladder attacks increased during the first 8 – 10 months or so. During this time, I did the gallbladder cleanse monthly until my stones subsided. Whatever the reason, the GAPS diet seemed to accentuate my gallbladder problem. My gallbladder was not functioning properly and through the healing process of the GAPS diet it is now much better and the need for a gallbladder cleanse in almost unnecessary.

Before I give the recipe …

Did you know that nearly 1 million gallbladders are removed yearly?

Over 20 years ago, gallbladders were removed surgically and the recovery period was slow and painful.  The traditional “open” gallbladder surgery has almost completely been replaced with the introduction of laparoscopy. Laparoscopy uses small instruments and a lighted tube equipped with a video camera, all inserted through tiny abdominal incisions. The recovery period is quicker and less painful with a laparoscopy making it the preferred method of removal.

Unfortunately, the number of gallbladder operations has risen 40 percent since the introduction of the laparoscopy! Perhaps the doctors would prefer to avoid severe attacks so, the gallbladder is removed with vague symptoms like bloating and gas. This equals unnecessary surgery!

Laporascopic removal of the gallbladder while used commonly is not without risk. Accidental severing of the bile duct, which can cause permanent liver damage, occurs in 1 to 2 percent of laparoscopies—three times more often than in open surgery!

Function of the Gallbladder:

The gallbladder is located just under the liver and has a very important role in the digestive process.

According to Wikipedia:

In vertebrates the gallbladder (cholecystgall bladderbiliary vesicle) is a small organ that aids mainly in fat digestion and concentrates bile produced by the liver. The surgical removal of the gallbladder is called a cholecystectomy.

To put it another way, it emulsifies fats. Think of trying to wash greasy dishes without soap. It is almost impossible. Why? Because soap emulsifies the grease. Similarly, the gallbladder stores bile and bile acids, which emulsify the fat eaten so it can be properly transported through the intestine into the blood stream.

Bile is made in the liver, then stored in the gallbladder until the body needs it to digest fat. At that time, the gallbladder contracts and pushes the bile into a tube–called the common bile duct–that carries it to the small intestine, where it helps with digestion. Under certain conditions the bile can harden into stones.

Types of Gallstones:

There are two two types of gallstones:

1. Cholesterol stones made up of hardened cholesterol are usually yellow-green. 80 percent of gallstones are cholesterol stones. They are caused by too much cholesterol, bilirubin, or not enough bile salts or when the gallbladder does not empty as it should.

Gallstones - cholesterol stones

2. Pigment stones made of bilirubin are small, dark stones. Their cause is uncertain although they tend to occur in people with cirrhosis, biliary tract infections, and hereditary blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia – these conditions cause too much bilirubin to form.

Gallstones - pigment stones 180


Either type of gallstones can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball. The gallbladder can develop either one large stone, hundreds of tiny stones, or almost any combination.

Symptoms of a Gallbladder Attack:

If gallstones lodge in any of the ducts that carry bile from the liver to the small intestines, a gallbladder attack occurs. Symptoms have a rapid onset and may include:

  • Steady pain in the upper abdomen that increases rapidly and lasts from 30 minutes to several hours
  • Pain in the back between the shoulder blades
  • Pain under the right shoulder
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Recurring intolerance of fatty foods
  • Belching
  • Gas
  • Indigestion

An easy way to determine if your pain is related to the gallbladder is to press down below on your last rib on your right side and lined up with your nipple – if there is pain there is a good chance that you have a gallbladder problem.

Curing Symptoms Not the Problem:

The removal of the gallbladder is a procedure called Cholecystectomy. Of the 1 million cholecystectomys or gallbladder removals that are done yearly, it is estimated that only a few thousand actually need to come out! Sadly, as many as half of the patients continue to have pain after the gallbladder is removed. Rather than treat the symptoms, more care should be taken to heed the warning signals and determine why the gallbladder is not functioning properly.

liver pancreas

One way to relieve congestion in the gallbladder is a gallbladder cleanse or flush. I am not a medical doctor and do not pretend to give medical advise but I do want to share what has worked for me. The following recipe is one I have used since my first attack in 2002. I use it when I begin to experience pain in my right side, just under my ribs. It is a pain that once you have, you recognize instantly.  While I normally do not have severe pain (because I do the flush before it gets too bad), I have procrastinated and had sever pain, nausea and vomiting – all of which are relieved by the following cleanse and passage of gallstones.

Gallbladder Cleanse Recipe

Drink 1 qt of apple juice each day for 5 days. Drink the apple juice in addition to your regular diet.  The apple juice contains limonoid which helps soften any gallstones and alleviate any pain you are experiencing.

On the 6th day:

Do not eat anything after 6 pm.

At 6 pm, take 1 Tbsp Epsom salt with a full glass of water. Mix the Epsom salt in the water – it takes a bit of stirring. I take a big breath and down it quickly!

At 8 pm repeat 1 Tbsp Epsom salt with a full glass of water.

At 10 pm – mix and drink quickly, 4 oz. olive oil (from my affiliate -where to buy) and 4 oz. lemon juice.

Go to bed and in the morning you will pass any gallstones you may have. I normally have varying sizes of bright green gallstones visible in the toilet. The Epsom salt acts as a laxative to quickly remove the gallstones from the intestinal tract.

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  1. UGA Scott says

    Can anyone describe their experience with this cleanse? I am very tempted to try it but would feel more comfortable knowing what I can expect. What pain (if any) can I expect, is vomiting involved in doing the cleanse, how many days after the 6th day do you have diarrhea, any information or experiences would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

    • says

      UGA Scott, if you read through the comments, there are examples of what to expect. I have not experienced vomiting as a result of the cleanse and the diarrhea lasted a bit into the morning after taking the Epsom salt. The morning after taking the Epsom salt, I eat as normal and go about my normal routine. I have also not experienced any pain as a result of the stones passing – I hope this helps!

      • Ravi says

        Hi i’m 27 and i was diagnosed with GERD(acidity) last month. I’ve been under medication since then, also in addition to that the doctor prescribed me for abdominal scan/X rays which revealed 3 stones of almost 5x5cm each. I used to symptoms like indigestion, bloating, constant burping but doctors said it was due to Small Hiatal Hernia which would occur normally during GERD. Also i have no pain on my right rib. Now i’m under the gallbladder cleanse therapy started with apple juices. i’m about to have the Epsom/olives treatment by friday. Now i’m having a little pain under my right upper abdomen. is this due to apple intake?? also pls advice can i proceed with it during GERD or should i cure GERD first and then proceed?? Thanks in advance…

        • says

          Ravi, I really can not give medical advice about your GERD. I’m sorry not to be more help but I just don’t know – maybe another reader has insight?

    • Steffon says

      Wish I can upload a photo of the few stones I’ve passed using this cleanse. I’ll admit I drank double the Apple juice in half the time but it worked and after another one next month I hope to be some free!

    • Lisset says

      Are we talking about juiced Apple juice using a juicer or store bought? I’m guessing juiced Apple juice would be more beneficial but does either one work?

      Btw, I just tried 1tbs of flax seed oil with 4oz of water and most of my pain has gone away. Pain has been around for almost a month and I recently started juicing with beets and apple which has helped to reduce the pain. My next step is to try this cleanse.

      • says

        Lisset, I use store bought apple juice. That is interesting about flax seed and water. I would guess that the apple juice you have been drinking with the beets has helped the pain.

    • Leiloni Laban says

      please try it! what do you have to loose anyway? I can definitely vouch for this flush! it works! No doubt. I have had gallstone since I was 19yrs old and at the age of 23 I discovered this flush and tried it. I am now 25 and I haven’t had pain since then. Thank you Lord. But I didn’t experience any vomiting during this flush. You may feel nauseous after drinking the lemon juice and oil but that should go away after you lay down. And to be honest I only had diarrhea 3-4 times that day. After that I was as normal as can be. Trust me this is the best thing that has happened to me. That pain was no joke! Im glad I got rid of it.

    • Hellen Tipan says

      I’ve done this cleansing twice already. First one was done last year in July and since then I had no pain. I did it again last week and last night was the time that I had to take no dinner, take Epsom salt and drank the olive oil with lemon. It was no fun drinking these but hey! It really works . I couldn’t count how much stone I have passed this morning. I took a picture of it .
      I’m still waiting for my doctor to call me for my surgery, so for the time being I’m doing these remedy and hopefully by the time my surgery comes, no more stone, so praying no surgery too.

    • Cindy says

      Hello. I would like to thank you for posting this remedy for gallbladder cleansing!!!! It works!!!! The only horrible thing is drinking the olive oil and lemon juice but it’s well worth it!!!!! I thank God for giving you the mind to want to help others. May God Bless You!

  2. Melanie says

    I started drinking the Apple juice today and it flushed me out a bit. I had major diarrhea after drinking about a pint of it. It has alleviated some of the pain I’ve been experiencing already. Has anyone else had diarrhea after drinking the apple juice?

      • Bryan Brown says

        Hi, I was in significant pain on Friday and left work early to go to the lab for tests, and am awaiting the results. In the meantime I decided to try the cleanse that you suggested, because my conditions were getting worse and I have a family history of gall bladder removal. So I fast tracked the cleanse yesterday. I blended 4 apples, 2 grapefruits and water together (3 times) and drank them at 10 am and 12 pm and 3 pm and did not eat any other food all day yesterday. |I then drank a large glass of water and 1 tbsp epsom salts at 6 pm and 8 pm. At 10 pm I drank 4 oz’s of olive oil and 4 oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Last night I was in so much discomfort in my stomach, gallbladder area that I was going to go the hospital at midnight. I finally fell asleep and woke up at 7:30 am. When I woke up my extended stomach was almost normal, I then went to the bathroom and passed 18 green stones. My stomach / gallbladder area feels 80% better today, It feels very tender under my back right lower rib this morning, like my gallbladder had a major workout last night! I will repeat this recipe again over the next 5 days, and will start incorporating fresh squeezed juices and protein smoothies to let my body adjust. I will wait for my lab results and also do a follow up CT scan to see if I have any stones left at the end of the week. I will then begin further research of why I had “Green cholesterol” stones to begin with, as I have an extremely low cholesterol diet. will keep you posted! Thank you for your recipe and for posting this health advice online. Bryan

  3. Shan says

    I know that there is a lot of talk about citrus having more limonoids but there is something about the juice. I think I have a lot of stones and just after the third day of drinking the apple juice I am seeing green in my bm’s. It’s sofening the smaller ones and making them pass. I am also feeling some relief. I still have my last day to get to and am sure it will not be comfortable. But it’s good to know that things are happening inside. This is just based on my own experience.

  4. Judie says

    My husband cancelled his surgery last week and started your apple juice, epson salt, lemon juice and olive oil concoction. He said that he passed green stools. Are they the gallstones? He could not see any other than that his stools were green.

    • says

      Judie, the stones I have passed have looked like the pictures shown and you see them in the toilet. I can’t give medical advice but if I were scheduled for surgery as your husband was and had those results, I would do the cleanse again. I hope this helps!

  5. Kyla says

    Hello again! I have (finally) done your flush- last night. Work travel had come up so I ended up drinking a quart of apple juice for 3 weeks instead of 5 days. The Epsom salt and olive oil/lemon juice was gross. But I powered through. Cleaned out pretty well, slept through the night. Woke up 3 hours ago and haven’t passed any yet. Can you give me some insight into how long I should wait before possibly trying again? I thought I had read another commentor say they had a similar experience but then passed them later in the day- can’t find that comment now. Thanks so much!

  6. Kyla's says

    You can disregard my last comment- we had passage! Holy smokes no wonder I was in such pain. Thank you so much for this. I will be doing this again next month to clean out any remaining stones, and also going in for an ultrasound this week to see how it’s looking! Anyone who is having doubts or is unsure of doing this, the most painful part is drinking all the Epsom salt and olive oil/lemon juice. Wow!

  7. Victor says


    I just want to verify, I flushed some green shiny things, but i’m not sure if they are stones. I had a big one but when I tried pinching it did break, but the formation looks like a gallstone. Is gallstones really solid like rock/ stones or it became soft because of the Apple Juice intake?

  8. natalie says

    Do you pee them out or poop them out? Does it hurt? Do u have to keep doing this so they don’t come back

  9. Nancy Jane says

    My husband did the 6 day protocol. He wasn’t sure if any stones passed or not…how do you tell? Is is possible to pass the stones 2 days after the 6 day prep? Thanks!

    • says

      Nancy, mine have been easily seen in the toilet the morning after. I have had 2 readers to say that theirs were past a day afterward. I’m not sure about the 2 days after but maybe?

  10. Rachel says

    I was recently diagnosed with gallstones after a trip to emergency room last week. I am have been afraid to eat anything since I don’t want that pain again. I have started the low fat diet and am thankful for that but in the meantime I was looking up home remedies for easing the pain when I came across your cleanse on Pinterest.

    My question would be about the size of the gallstone. If the stones are larger would they be harder to pass? I saw my ultrasound and there are several stones but wondering if it might be painful to pass one of the larger ones.

    I definitely want to try the cleanse but am afraid of pain or tearing. Do you have any insight to this??

    Thank you so much, your site has offered some hope to having to have surgery which I prefer not to do!

    • says

      Rachel, I really am unable to advise you concerning the size of the gallstones. The apple juice works to soften the stones helping them to pass without pain or tearing. I have done the cleanse multiple times without knowing the size of mine and have not had a problem, no pain at all. The worst part is drinking the Epsom salt and olive oil/lemon juice mix!

  11. Rachel says

    Hello Dina,

    Thank you for the quick response on your blog. I started the juice cleanse today and am praying and hopeful. My doctor, without yet meeting me for a follow up to my ER visit, has already suggested having my gallbladder removed! So I am really hoping your suggestion works. The attacks are coming every couple days and it has disrupted my life. I am also experiencing some strong anxiety with the attacks. I am not sure if that is normal or if anyone else has experienced the same thing.

    I was curious…do you gallstones reform, is that the reason you do the cleanse about once a year?

    Thank you again for your time and I will be back in 7 days with a follow up!

    Take care,


    • says

      Rachel. I know that attacks are painful and it can cause anxiety just because you don’t know how long it will last! I do it once a year just to make sure that I do not have any and to cleanse whatever may have built up. I would encourage you to take a look at your diet and even the GAPS diet since gallstones are related to diet and digestion. The GAPS diet help re-balance your gut bacteria starving off the bad bacteria which can cause a host of problems and replacing them with good/beneficial bacteria. I look forward to hearing how it went for you!

  12. Leilani says

    Can I do this while pregnant? I’ve had a really bad attack today and found this flush super appealing. I just wanted to know if it’s sake fr my little 17 weeks old baby to be.

  13. Shiela says

    Hi Dina-Marie!

    did you or has anyone went back to have another ultrasound to check that gallstones have been removed after the cleanse?

  14. Rachel says

    Good morning Dina,

    I had to shoot you a quick note to let you know that the flush worked for me too! I finished the regiment last Monday and on Tuesday morning (right on schedule) I started passing stones. I couldn’t believe it! I was so thrilled to see that it was working and that there might be an end in sight to the pain. I did however experience pain that day and the following day; maybe everyone is different. I did see very large stones (some in between the size of a nickel and a quarter) so maybe that had something to do with it. My urgent care doc said I could maybe expect that for a couple days and she was delightfully surprised that I had tried the cleanse instead of opting for surgery.

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate you posting this out there to help people in our situation. I am on my 5th day of no pain and am so thankful for it! Thankful for you being willing to share this cleanse. I hope others try this because it works! And you’ve been so gracious in answering questions back so quickly. Just really thankful for you!

    I am still sticking to a low-fat diet since all of this has happened and plan on continuing in that direction. Do you have any low fat treats you like? Any websites you recommend for low fat eating? I do miss my sweets but don’t think it’s worth it to go back to that way of eating so I’m always looking for new and fun recipes :)

    Well thank you and god bless you for your website and helping others through this!


    • says

      Rachel, I am thrilled you are pain free. I would encourage you to do some research on fats to see how important they are to your body’s health. Here is a great article, The Skinny on Fats. I would also focus on your digestive system b/c the fact that you are having issues with gallstones means you are not digesting properly. For me, the GAPS diet has not only cured my rheumatoid arthritis and a 30+ yr meat allergy, but I also no longer have problems with gallstones. If you look under the Real Food menu tab, there is a submenu for GAPS. Here is one that details what benefits I have gained – GAPS-My Experience. Just some ideas that I hope help!


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