How to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

How to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

Have you ever had a gallbladder attack?

Talk about painful!

Thankfully, I have found something that works like a charm, is not invasive and lets me keep my gallbladder!

My Experience

I had my first when pregnant with our 8th child and after an all-you-can eat pizza buffet – a high fat meat! It was no fun, in fact, it was quite painful! As a nurse, I knew that I was a prime candidate for gallbladder surgery. Having cared for gallbladder patients, I knew that it was a difficult surgery and I did not want it! In seeking an alternative to gallbladder surgery, my father introduced me to a gallbladder cleanse, also called a gallbladder flush.

I have continued to use the recipe that I will give below, as needed with success. Until I started the GAPS diet, I would use the flush once a year or so. Since I have been on the GAPS diet, interestingly, my gallbladder attacks increased during the first 8 – 10 months or so. During this time, I did the gallbladder cleanse monthly until my stones subsided. Whatever the reason, the GAPS diet seemed to accentuate my gallbladder problem. My gallbladder was not functioning properly and through the healing process of the GAPS diet it is now much better and the need for a gallbladder cleanse in almost unnecessary.

Before I give the recipe …

Did you know that nearly 1 million gallbladders are removed yearly?

Over 20 years ago, gallbladders were removed surgically and the recovery period was slow and painful.  The traditional “open” gallbladder surgery has almost completely been replaced with the introduction of laparoscopy. Laparoscopy uses small instruments and a lighted tube equipped with a video camera, all inserted through tiny abdominal incisions. The recovery period is quicker and less painful with a laparoscopy making it the preferred method of removal.

Unfortunately, the number of gallbladder operations has risen 40 percent since the introduction of the laparoscopy! Perhaps the doctors would prefer to avoid severe attacks so, the gallbladder is removed with vague symptoms like bloating and gas. This equals unnecessary surgery!

Laporascopic removal of the gallbladder while used commonly is not without risk. Accidental severing of the bile duct, which can cause permanent liver damage, occurs in 1 to 2 percent of laparoscopies—three times more often than in open surgery!

Function of the Gallbladder:

The gallbladder is located just under the liver and has a very important role in the digestive process.

According to Wikipedia:

In vertebrates the gallbladder (cholecystgall bladderbiliary vesicle) is a small organ that aids mainly in fat digestion and concentrates bile produced by the liver. The surgical removal of the gallbladder is called a cholecystectomy.

To put it another way, it emulsifies fats. Think of trying to wash greasy dishes without soap. It is almost impossible. Why? Because soap emulsifies the grease. Similarly, the gallbladder stores bile and bile acids, which emulsify the fat eaten so it can be properly transported through the intestine into the blood stream.

Bile is made in the liver, then stored in the gallbladder until the body needs it to digest fat. At that time, the gallbladder contracts and pushes the bile into a tube–called the common bile duct–that carries it to the small intestine, where it helps with digestion. Under certain conditions the bile can harden into stones.

Types of Gallstones:

There are two two types of gallstones:

1. Cholesterol stones made up of hardened cholesterol are usually yellow-green. 80 percent of gallstones are cholesterol stones. They are caused by too much cholesterol, bilirubin, or not enough bile salts or when the gallbladder does not empty as it should.

Gallstones - cholesterol stones

2. Pigment stones made of bilirubin are small, dark stones. Their cause is uncertain although they tend to occur in people with cirrhosis, biliary tract infections, and hereditary blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia – these conditions cause too much bilirubin to form.

Gallstones - pigment stones 180


Either type of gallstones can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball. The gallbladder can develop either one large stone, hundreds of tiny stones, or almost any combination.

Symptoms of a Gallbladder Attack:

If gallstones lodge in any of the ducts that carry bile from the liver to the small intestines, a gallbladder attack occurs. Symptoms have a rapid onset and may include:

  • Steady pain in the upper abdomen that increases rapidly and lasts from 30 minutes to several hours
  • Pain in the back between the shoulder blades
  • Pain under the right shoulder
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Recurring intolerance of fatty foods
  • Belching
  • Gas
  • Indigestion

An easy way to determine if your pain is related to the gallbladder is to press down below on your last rib on your right side and lined up with your nipple – if there is pain there is a good chance that you have a gallbladder problem.

Curing Symptoms Not the Problem:

The removal of the gallbladder is a procedure called Cholecystectomy. Of the 1 million cholecystectomys or gallbladder removals that are done yearly, it is estimated that only a few thousand actually need to come out! Sadly, as many as half of the patients continue to have pain after the gallbladder is removed. Rather than treat the symptoms, more care should be taken to heed the warning signals and determine why the gallbladder is not functioning properly.

liver pancreas

One way to relieve congestion in the gallbladder is a gallbladder cleanse or flush. I am not a medical doctor and do not pretend to give medical advise but I do want to share what has worked for me. The following recipe is one I have used since my first attack in 2002. I use it when I begin to experience pain in my right side, just under my ribs. It is a pain that once you have, you recognize instantly.  While I normally do not have severe pain (because I do the flush before it gets too bad), I have procrastinated and had sever pain, nausea and vomiting – all of which are relieved by the following cleanse and passage of gallstones.

Gallbladder Cleanse Recipe

Drink 1 qt of apple juice each day for 5 days. Drink the apple juice in addition to your regular diet.  The apple juice contains limonoid which helps soften any gallstones and alleviate any pain you are experiencing.

On the 6th day:

Do not eat anything after 6 pm.

At 6 pm, take 1 Tbsp Epsom salt with a full glass of water. Mix the Epsom salt in the water – it takes a bit of stirring. I take a big breath and down it quickly!

At 8 pm repeat 1 Tbsp Epsom salt with a full glass of water.

At 10 pm – mix and drink quickly, 4 oz. olive oil (from my affiliate -where to buy) and 4 oz. lemon juice.

Go to bed and in the morning you will pass any gallstones you may have. I normally have varying sizes of bright green gallstones visible in the toilet. The Epsom salt acts as a laxative to quickly remove the gallstones from the intestinal tract.

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  1. Carlos says

    Hi , I will be starting the cleanse today and already had some apple juice, but me and my parents have been arguing about the amount of juice I must drink, they say that I should only drink 8oz because that equals 1qt of a liter, but I looked it up and it says 32oz is 1qt, so Im confused how many ounces or how many cups of juice should I be drinking a day ?

    Thanks :)

  2. Debbie says

    Hi there, I am wanting to try this flush but a bit concerned when a natural practitioner told me that sometimes the gallstones can become attached to the gallbladder wall and when doing the flush can be ripped from the wall and there is a risk of infection so one should take a natural antibiotic 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the flush but that seems a bit of a hassle somehow.
    Do you have any advice regarding this aspect Dina-Marie? Thanks

  3. says

    Reading all the comments, it sounds like a gallbladder attack is usually quite painful. I am in the process of trying to determine my problem. I have been having a squeezing sensation in the area of my gallbladder for the past several months. It usually starts about 30-60 min after I eat. Sometimes the sensation radiates down my right side. I would not call it painful, almost like a contraction. An ultrasound did not find any stones. Does this sound like a symptom associated with a gallbladder? I’m interested in trying the cleanse to see if it makes a difference. Could there be stones so small they would not show up on a test?

    • says

      Diane, the only attacks I have had are painful so I am not sure. I do the cleanse now yearly just to make sure there are no stones building up so that might be an option for you – you could give it a try and see if the sensation is gone. I hope this helps.

      • Rashi says

        I followed this procedure and 2-3 hrs after taking lemon juice -olive oil ..I had vomiting..will that affect the result?will gall stones show in stools?

        • says

          Rashi, I have not vomited with the cleanse so I am not sure. I would think that as long as you kept the mixture down so it could stimulate the gallbladder to empty (and after 2 – 3 hrs I would think you did) it should work. Yes, the stones are in the stool.

  4. Mike says

    This cleanse REALLY WORKS. I am 26 year old male and have just completed the cleanse. One week ago, I had what can only be described as gallbladder pain (right under the right rib cage). I was planning on going to a doctor and having an ultrasound, but I found this site and decided to give this a shot.

    Despite being in pain on day 1, I toughed it out for the past week and I am so glad that I did. Drinking the apple juice reduced my gallbladder pain each day and I hurt less and less. Last night, I took the epsom salts and then the lemon-olive oil mix. It was not easy to swallow, but let me tell you: it was all well worth it.

    It took about 15 hours before I noticed the first stones pass from my body, but when that happened, stones of all sizes (small, medium, and large) came out for awhlie after. This is an amazing home solution to gallbladder pain and gallstones. Seriously give this a try if you are suffering like I was. You won’t regret it!

  5. Brooke says

    My husband just finished the cleanse tonight. We are hoping to see results tomorrow so he doesn’t have to get surgery! I wanted to ask though what the olive oil and lemon juice did. You told us that the apple juice softens the stones, the salt is a laxative, but what is the point of the oil and lemon juice! We are just curious! Thanks!!

    • says

      Sunny, while I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advise, I can share my experience and I first did this cleanse years ago while pregnant and had not problems – hope this helps.

  6. Karen says

    This is a miracle!
    I’m in New Zealand & have had an ultrasound which confirmed gallstones, including one in the duct.
    The public health system here meant it would take 3-4 months to be seen by a surgeon, then another 3-4 months on the surgical waiting list!
    So I looked for alternatives & found this website, thank goodness.
    I have done the cleanse with success.
    It was easy, I didn’t mind the drinks at all, no pain or vomiting, just pooping out gallstones the next day.
    Seriously – try this, you may avoid surgery.
    I’m going to do it again in a month to see if I still have any, then do it once a year.
    I can’t thank you enough for posting this recipe :)

  7. rajesh says

    i have multiple stones in gall bladder.i have done the procedure 8 times.i have passed 2000 approx. stones.i want to ask that how many times i have to continue the process.i want to know if any side effects of this procedure.i am not getting any relief till now.

    • says

      Rajesh, I have done the cleanse multiple times waiting a month between cleanses. I would encourage you to look at your diet and try to improve your digestion – the GAPS diet has been life changing for me, as well as for other readers also.

    • Denise says

      I, too, have gallstones. I have been doing this flush for the last couple of years, each time with much success. My friend, who is a holistic nutritionist, gave me this recipe with slight variation for flushing the kidney and gallbladder. She said to do it once a month or every six weeks until I have done it twice consecutively with no stones showing. At that time I would wait about six months before doing it again. Hope this helps.

  8. Belinda says

    Hello :)

    This might be a dumb question but do I drink the 32 ounces of apple juice at once or through out the day?

    Thanks so much,

  9. Deborah says

    Hi Dina-Marie,

    Recently I have been feeling “off” for lack of a better word. I went to see my doctor & I had an ultrasound done. I haven’t seen the ultrasound but he referred me to a surgeon to get my gallbladder removed. I have a consultation this week. I will get to see the ultrasound & from there I will know how many stones, their sizes, etc. I read about how painful an attack can become, however I have not experienced such pain. I do feel a discomfort but it’s tolerable. I am not considering surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve read so many articles on flushes, some good & some bad. Of course conventional doctors would never recommend natural remedies for the obvious reasons but I did read that the “stones” that are being passed after a cleanse like this are actually deposits of olive oil clumped up making it appear to be stones. In either case, I am going to give your flush a try because I’ve read more good than bad on flushing the gallstones out. I understand the cleanse but when you say a full glass of water, how many ounces do you mean & what is the benefit of using lemon juice? Thanks.

    • says

      Deborah, my glass is around 10 oz – I hope this helps. As for the lemon juice, I honestly am not sure except that is what the recipe my dad gave me calls for. I suspect that it helps cut the olive oil taste and texture.

      • Denise says

        Yes, it’s to make it more palatable. I used grapefruit juice (in the flush recipe given to me). I believe the citrus acid plays a part somehow.

  10. Ryan says

    Hi, I just want to ask if an apple juice readily available in the supermarket is ok? Or do I need to make a fresh apple juice?

  11. Ellen says


    I was at the hospital on the 29th Sept and was advised that I need my gall bladder removed, I have already had an Colonoscopy ( which was clear) and now have to get the camera down into the stomach to make sure there is nothing sinister there.

    I had an ultra scan a while ago which came back with a fatty liver and some debris in the gall bladder. I do not want surgery and was wondering should I try this cleansing diet?

    Appreciate any advice :O)

    • Denise says

      Absolutely! My doctor suggested the same thing and I told her I was not open to that idea. Since doing these flushes I’ve realized that ‘Western medicine’ is not always the way to go. Our gallbladder has a function and it is an organ our body needs. Without it, the fats we consume cannot be broken down thus will cause problems in other areas and systems of our bodies. It transports the bile in our body…and bile in our digestive system can be likened to dishwashing liquid in a sink full of greasy dishes. Without the soap, the greasy residue remains and sticks to everything it comes into contact with. Without the bile to break down the fat in our body, it gets into our bloodstream and makes its way through all areas of our body including our heart, intestines etc. Which could lead to an array of other problems.

  12. Rhonda says

    Letting you and others know,, I’ve had stones confirmed thru Cat Scan and Ultrasound both…This recipe can take up to 36 hours to actually work… I followed the directions to the letter…. Tues (9-29) was my day 6,, Wed (9-30) yesterday I went all day with no stones that I could see anyway….. Today (10-1 6:30am) I passed a bunch of little stones pea size and smaller. I did get a severe pain in my sleep last night, still have slight pain today, so I think there is still more… Read another post someone had 2000,,, OMG…. I’m gonna go easy on system and do liquids only today,, Starting with the apple juice… Round 2 here I come Thank You Dina-Marie

  13. mar ros says


    I am having 1.13cm mobile gallstone and .42 non mobile gallstone…Im on my 2nd day of cleansing. My question is in your case, have you done ultrasound after? Do you poop only once after the flushing?

    • says

      Mar ros, I did not have an ultrasound after the cleanse but all my symptoms were gone. Sometimes, as a result of the Epsom salt I go multiple times and it is very loose.

      • mar ros says

        Hi Ms Dina,

        I had finish my first flush last night and the experience was not really great. I had trouble in sleeping since I had to rush to the bathroom. I had to evacuate for 4times and the 4th ones there were green like things present. I don’t know if there were stones or what but thanks, the experience was kinda tough though :-)

  14. April l. says

    If a gall stone was the size of a golf ball, how did it pass through the ducts safely? Also I thought gall stones formed slowly, so why do the flush once a year? I’ve read on other sites that say (about the flush) gall stones aren’t being passed, but rather an accumulation of the juice, oil, salt that was drunk over the 5 days? Has anyone had their stones analyzed by a lab? I’m interested in trying this, but I want to be safe. I had my first gall bladder pain last night, so I’m trying to research. Thanks!!

    • says

      April, a gallstone the size of a golf ball is large and I would not try it! If you read through the comments, there are two readers who had the stones they passed as a result of the cleanse analyzed by a lab and they were indeed gallstones.

    • Denise says

      With regards to the larger stones, this is the reason for all the Apple juice consumption. The Apple juice softens the stones to make them easier to pass. The Epsom salts help the ducts to expand. The olive oil helps lube everything up and is the fat that triggers the bile to be released which triggers the release of the stones. The larger stones may not come that first time but with continued care with not consuming fatty foods and continuing to drink the apple juice to keep them softened, it should break down and make its way out in the future flushes.

  15. reetika says

    What we eat while having 1qt of apple juice every day? Should we continue our regular diet while doing this process??

  16. Vanessa says

    Question do I drink the apple juice till the 6th day …I’m gonna start your treatment tomorrow I can’t handle the pain anymore I started with the pain since Friday night 10-02-15 ended at the hospital hope it works ..

  17. Julie says

    I am so thankful that my husband found this site. I was in the emergency room last November with terrible pain while a gallstone passed. I have had two more episodes and although they have been painful I was able to tollerate them at home, with the most recent this week. I am hoping the cleanse will be helpful…I started today!!

  18. Supravat Samanta says

    thank u madam for sharing your experience. I have only one doubt that the stone will pass through the urine or stool??? please reply madam … I am in big trouble due to my gallstones. though it is in primary stage and I am not getting any pain but I am not getting good job opportunity in cruise. I ‘ll follow the recipe from tomorrow onwards. if I am able to take out gallstones then seriously madam I ‘ll get another life.. thank you once again.

  19. says

    Wendy, I have never had anyone email telling me they had a stone to get stuck. While that is a risk, I do not know of anyone that it has happened to and I am sure that if it had, I would have at least an email about it.


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