Cocoons is one of those holiday cookie recipes that evoke memories of tradition. Little white, melt-in-your-mouth balls of powder sugared goodness are a sure bet when it comes to pleasing folks! The cocoons recipe is a recipe from John’s mother who made them only at Christmas time. I have tried to hold fast to theRead More

Angel Wings

angel wings

One of my favorite cookies pre-GAPS diet was Angel Wings. I say pre-GAPS because as you probably already know, the GAPS diet does not allow any processed sugar. Honey is allowed since it is a monosaccharide¬†and easier to digest but not process sugars. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I eat things just forRead More

Sand Tarts

sand tarts

Sand Tarts is another holiday cookie recipe from my mother-in-law which we make every Christmas. Sand Tarts are traditionally a very hard cookie, in fact, if they are not hard – like almost teeth-breaking, they are not right! That is why you roll the out thinly – so you can get them in your mouthRead More

Sugar Cookies

sugar cookies

Like Cocoons, this sugar cookie recipe is a holiday tradition. Now, I am sure most people have a favorite sugar cookie recipe so, why would you need mine? Well, one bite (OK, two then) says it all! Well, just in case you don’t have a sugar cookie recipe- here is our family’s recipe which IRead More

Tea Time

tea party

Have you ever had a tea party with your family? If not, you should try it! Even our older boys love it! This is a tradition we started while living in Switzerland. The winters were extremely cold and the warm tea with goodies seem to warm us all. Alright, I know what you are thinking!Read More

Date Your Man!

red rose

Date? Husband? Why? Occasionally, I will plan a date, whether it be an evening or afternoon out or just a movie night for the two of us, without my husband knowing about it. He loves it! I love it! After 25 years of marriage and 10 children, I still love being with my husband. ARead More

Lights, Lights and More Lights!

boys lights

We may go overboard with decorating for Christmas but it is so much fun! I think the best part of it all is experiencing it with children. I wish my desires were as simple as theirs. It is a shame we lose the excitement which little things bring as we grow up! Since the artificialRead More


Christmas tree 2011

Artificial, yes, I can not believe it, our Christmas tree this year for the first time in 25 years is artificial! And…I love It! In our early years of marriage, John was in graduate school (we had very little money), we would go into the woods and cut a cedar tree. They did tend toRead More

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights

Our children really enjoy decorating for Christmas both inside and out. Even though our rental house is small and on an out of the way country road, they were not deterred. They outlined a portion of our house’s profile with lights. Not many other people may see it, but we enjoy it. Last night weRead More