How to Save Money with Bulk Herbs and Spices

how to save money with herbs and spices
What is a REAL food kitchen without REAL herbs, spices, salts and herbal teas?

I posted a few weeks ago about getting organized in my kitchen – including my spices. You may have noticed the links to my affiliate partner, Mountain Rose Herbs in that post, as well as, in other recipes. I recommend them ONLY because they offer quality products and I have personally had good experiences with them. The products offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are free from irradiation and chemicals, certified organic and certified kosher.

I have found that I am able to save money by buying my herbs, spices, salt and teas in bulk. At first glance, Mountain Rose Herbs does have a high shipping rate. But, even taking into account the shipping prices, per ounce, they are more economical! I am able to purchase better quality products for less money than I can purchase them locally.

bulk spices from mountain rose herbs

Buying in Bulk = Savings!

You might wonder what I do with bulk herbs. As you can see from the picture above, I have organized my herbs and spices in pint jars which are labelled. The remainder that does not fit into the jar gets resealed in the bag it was shipped in and placed in an airtight bucket. I store the bucket or buckets in a dark cool closet. This way, they stay fresh for a long time! It is also very convenient to have a stockpile so, when I empty a jar, I can simply refill it from my bucket!

Right now, I have two 2 1/2 gallon buckets of herbs in the closet and each bucket is labelled as to what is inside. This helps keep me organized and allows me to take advantage of the bulk discount prices offered from my affiliate partner, Mountain Rose Herbs. Here is the discount rate – keep in mind that the poundage is cumulative so the more you order, the more you save!

I love spending money to save money   😉

As stated on my affiliate’s website, the bulk herb, spice and tea discount schedule is:

Mix and match to receive substantial discounts without having to purchase multiple pounds of the same herb, spice, or tea.
Accumulate the total whole poundage of your order to receive these discounts (does not apply to ounce orders):
5-9 lbs – 10%
10-24 lbs – 15%
25+ lbs – 25%

herbaltea Mountain Rose Herbs

You can even order with one or more friends and split the shipping cost, as well as, the pound bag of herbs and spices! I do this often with my daughter-in-law. It works great especially when we both just need an item or two!

The herbal teas from Mountain Rose Herbs smell and taste amazing. I have found that I can use less of their loose herbal tea than with any other brand and still have a wonderful cup of tea. I used the box that the tea was packaged in to make the label for my glass jar – it looks so nice in the pantry! The herbal teas I have tried so far are Vita-Blend, Mint, Memory Zest, Lemon Tea and herbal coffee.

Be sure to check out their monthly specials tab found at the top of the menu bar. With the last order I placed, I was able to purchase garlic powder for $2.50/lb – you can’t beat that!

I have also ordered and used supplies for soap making including essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs – the peppermint essential oil makes wonderful soap! The only problem with the peppermint was that when the boys came home from working in the vineyard and we had made soap, they were terribly disappointed that only soap had been made! The soap was sitting in the middle of the table in a cake pan and the house smelled so wonderful, they were sure a new homemade peppermint cake had been made!

Because I have been so pleased with the quality of the products from Mountain Rose Herbs, I have become an affiliate. This simply means that if you order from Mountain Rose Herbs using a link found here on Cultured Palate, I will make a small commission and you help support Cultured Palate.



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    I’ve never ordered from them though I’ve planned on it for ages.. I need to get busy one of these days and get some. In the past I got my bulk spices from San Francisco Herb Company but they’re not guaranteed organic or irradiation free.. they dont address that in most cases but I’ve always been pleased by their products. I’ll have to give Mountain Rose Herbs a try soon.

    • says

      HP, you made me wonder! On their site all I found was Canadian shipping info so I called them and according the customer service gal, they discontinued all international shipping (except Canada) because of the customs requirements from the different countries. Sorry :(


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