latte macchiato with cocoa powder I have a confession to make.

If you have been around awhile, you know that I have been on the GAPS diet (affiliate link) for 1 1/2 years and followed it religiously. The results have been amazing! Through the GAPS diet, I have relief from rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and I am eating meat again after a 30+ year allergy!

But, back to my confession.

I have had off-GAPS “treats” these past couple of days!

Fortunately, I am not suffering with my rheumatoid arthritis which means that healing is occurring.

But, for some reason, I, who am normally very resolved to stick to the plan no matter what, have melted in my self-control!

It is a hard thing to admit.

It started with chocolate chip cookies.

Of course, they were whole wheat – and, the nuts, well, they are healthy too, right? But, when you just keep eating them …. there is a point at which they are no longer healthy !

Then came a friend’s wedding.

I was doing great as I carefully made my food selections at the buffet but then …

They had a coffee bar!

Oh dear – that was all she wrote for me!

It was better than Starbucks – it was FREE!

And, oh so good!

I had three, yep you read it right, 3, wonderfully delicious coffee drinks, all made with real coffee, milk and syrup.

It was heavenly!

And, I forgot, there was the double espresso I split with John!

In my defense though, it was over the course of several hours – it was a long reception!

Now, you may remember that I quit coffee after being diagnosed with an overactive bladder. The doctor suggested I quit drinking coffee in a backhanded sorta way and after reading a book from my affiliate partner,  Caffeine Blues (which I highly recommend) I ditched the coffee and became decaffeinated. Since my bladder problems were resolved, I started allowing myself a cup occasionally in the afternoon after nap-time. So, this much coffee, not to mention the sugar that I am no longer used to, well, it made for one miserable mama!

I was actually sick feeling on the way home!

It served me right, I realize that – I was Miss Piggy when it came to that coffee bar.

Why does it have to taste so good?

Which brings me to another question – why does a “treat” always seem to be something that is not good for you? After all, these treats were putting something into my body that I knew where not necessarily the best choice(s)- I would most probably feel bad afterwards – I might even experience a revival of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms – WHY is that a treat?

Oh well, so much for rhetorical questions – I simply don’t know the answer and that is that!

I was so encouraged by how I felt after these splurges (except for being sick from coffee) that for now, I am back to the GAPS plan and am actually following the steps to come off the diet!

I have added quinoa back and boy, is it good! I guess treats don’t have to always be bad for you!

Isn’t it funny that after 1 1/2 years without any grains, quinoa is a treat!


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  1. Sarah says

    Hi Dina-Marie, Congratulations on coming off of GAPS!! Our refrigerator was getting empty so we decided to start 2 days early…so Thursday is the day we begin our journey! The coffee sounds wonderful and would be difficult to abstain from ESPECIALLY when it is free!

  2. says

    That is funny! Not that you were sick but the “3” coffee drinks you had. Somethings are sinfully good, that is true!

    I experience this too. Some days I’m soooooooo resolved. Other days I have NO self control AT ALL! Very frustrating to be sure.

    Good for you for sticking to it so well for so long and getting to the point where you are coming off of the GAPS diet. The big treat for you must be feeling GREAT!

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. halina says

    Have had Amazing results with the GAPS diet since November 2012 for my acquired auto-immune disorder/ ***which western medicine created but had little or nothing to offer for. I get my moments for wanting a treat but I try and do stay with gaps legal ingredients… Raw vegan recipe desserts have been an awesome addition to my diet *****with gaps approved items of course. For me no food is worth illness feeling worse….we eat to nourish our bodies not for pleasure..some forget that ……Yes, the big treat…is feeling better and really being healthier! Don’t think will ever go back to the regular so called western diet.

    • says

      Halina, you are so right! Why is it that a “treat” equals something that is bad for us rather than something that nourishes and still tastes good?

  4. says

    Dina-Marie, I’m curious how your transition off GAPS has gone? I know in the past, your body told you it wasn’t time yet. Did you get the green light this time?

    • says

      Eileen, so far so good – I really appreciate your asking! I am still sticking with non-gluten grains like buckwheat, millet and quinoa but they are delicious! I am really not adding much else at this point because I want to take it very slowly.

  5. Glenn says

    Hey Dina-Marie…. how does coffee fit in/out with a bad gall bladder. Also what are your thoughts on Wine with gall bladder (of course not in excess) but I am a huge Cab/Sav fan and I’m figuring has to have some of the same qualities as Apple Cider Vinegar which I swear by (when I’m disciplined enough to stay with it…lol) Thanks for the answers!

    (And BTW, how is the wine business going??)

    • says

      Glenn, the grapes are doing very well and we are looking forward to harvest even if it is smaller than last year. I am not sure how coffee or wine would fit in but I enjoy both – in moderation of course! I do know that both are metabolized in the liver. If you like Cab/Sav, you should try to find Aglianico which is also a very full bodied red – it’s my favorite. But, then again, I am partial since we grow it 😉

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