Sweet Potato Stuffing

Sweet Potato Stuffing

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is only 10 days away!

That means there are only 10 days left to officially eat stuffing!

We better get to eatin’!

Stuffing is good anytime of the year – it is one of those comfort foods. It has to be with all the cubed bread, butter and broth used to make traditional herbed bread stuffing. But, it only seems right to eat it during the holiday season for some reason – it’s a shame really.

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Healthy Chocolate Covered Bacon

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Are you a bacon lover?

How about chocolate?

Have you ever thought of putting the two together?

I know, I can hear your groans from here!

Who would have thought that chocolate and bacon would taste so good?

I would never even have thought about it but our oldest daughter at home received a Birchbox subscription (her invite link) as a gift. If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, it is a box of sample size, high-end products, normally cosmetics, body care or fragrances, that is delivered once a month. But, with her last box, she received a maple bacon flavored mini chocolate bar from Chuao Chocolatier. WOW – was it good!

That little mini chocolate bar got my wheels a-turnin’ and I thought if it is that good, think how good the real thing would be. While it was purported to be 100% natural, it was sweetened with sugar and other ingredients that could be improved upon. So I set out to make it healthier.[Continue Reading]

He Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy!

Kubota 8540 Narrow Tractor

I got a new toy!

It is one you probably would not expect me to buy!

But, I did.

I even went  and talked with the salesperson by myself.

Now, I’m not sure what you have guessed my new toy to be but, if you guessed shoes, purses, clothes or a new kitchen gadget, you would be wrong!


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Master Tonic

Master Tonic Bottled with Jars of Master Tonic Fermenting in the background

Have you ever heard of Master Tonic?

I hadn’t until a friend, Thera, was visiting one day. She and her two young children had come to glean grapes after harvest. But, before she went out to pick, we sat, enjoyed a cup of coffee and talked about life in general. As our conversation moved from one topic to another, we began talking about ways to build our family’s immune systems and natural remedies.

As we talked, Thera began to tell me of a home remedy her grandmother kept on hand. It sounded easy enough so I wrote down the recipe.

Since it is cold and flu season and we all want to do what we can to protect ourselves and our families – I wanted to share this immune buiding recipe with you.

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How to Get Rid of Bladder Infections Naturally

How to get rid of Bladder Infections Naturally

Talk about the pits!

Yes, a bladder infection is the pits!

If you have ever had one, you know exactly what I mean – burning, pain and the feeling that your insides are gonna fall out when you “go”, “potty”, “tinkle” or whatever term you use!

I haven’t had too many bladder infections but I did have one recently and my stand-by remedy, drinking cranberry juice, did not work! Of course, it happened on a weekend which turned out to be a blessing because had I been able, I would have gone to the doctor! Instead, I found a  natural remedy for bladder infections that worked like a charm!

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From Our Home to Yours!

Happy Thanksgiving



Being Prepared After the Cow Calves

Calving-  be prepared I love farm life – the simplicity of it – the self-sufficiency of it – the joys – the satisfaction of it all!

But, as much as I enjoy our lifestyle of home education, working together in the vineyard and having a family milk cow and other farm animals, there are times when I get discouraged.

Last week was one of those times I was ready to throw in the towel!  Not on the whole life but on certain aspects You have probably experienced the same feelings – oh, please tell me you have and that I am not alone in this!

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Gluten Free Strawberry Muffins

Gluten Free Strawberry Muffins

A few weeks ago a friend sent a Gluten-Free Muffin recipe. Knowing that our gluten-free daughter-in-law would be visiting, we baked a couple of batches and boy, were they good!

In fact, they were so good that I did not even have time to take pictures to share with you. I turned around and they were gone – all that were left were the crumbs!

So, since our son and his wife are visiting again this weekend, two more batches were baked. This time, though, wanting to be able to get some pictures before they were eaten, I tucked them in the back of the refrigerator – you know, where everything goes unnoticed and is forgotten!

Biding my time, I finally had my chance – all the fellas were outside working on the basement expansion and I pulled the muffins out of the fridge – resisting the temptation to eat one (or two, or, heaven forbid, even three).  I have to tell you, the temptation was strong to help myself!

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A Calf is Born!

Newborn Calf

What you are about to read and see is the actual process of delivering a calf. If you are squemish, you may want to blur your eyes at the photos as you continue reading.

Hilde finally calved and has a beautiful, light brown calf!

This delivery was the most eventful yet – the calf was breech! A breech calf is one that comes out feet and bottom first. The normal presentation is head first – well, you see the front hooves first and then the head.

When we purchased Hilde, she had been bred (impregnated) with a Brahman bull. Hilde is a Jersey and Brown Swiss cross and is larger than a full Jersey but, a Brahman is even bigger. When our vet checked her, he cautioned us to watch her during delivery because the calf could be rather large – meaning, she would need some help getting the calf out.

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Backyard Bees

Bees With all the excitement and work surrounding grape harvest, I forgot to tell you about the new additions to our homestead – Honey Bees!

We have been wanting to get into beekeeping for quite awhile. Partly for the enjoyment of beekeeping; partly for sustainability and self-sufficiency; and partly for money saving. But assuredly, for really good honey!

I have been buying raw honey in 5 gallon buckets for years. Now, we will have our own locally produced honey – you can’t get more local than your own backyard! Having our own bees will not only save us money but also adds another dimension to our homestead giving the children a different experience.

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